Our Story

Kalon is a classical Greek word meaning the ideal of physical and moral beauty, and that is the core mission of Kalon SF—making outward beauty an expression of inner good and noble character.  What you wear makes a statement about who you are and how you present yourself to the world.  Our glamorous, one-of-a-kind designs will help you make a positive, lasting impression.  Kalon's show-stopping gowns, jewelry, and handbags will empower you with the confidence to express your individual beauty.

We aim to change the face of consignment by helping women maximize their inner confidence by achieving the ultimate expression of their outward beauty.  Our team prides itself on its carefully curated selections from both local and global partners, and all items added to our collection undergo meticulous inspection.  We partner only with the best of the best when it comes to fashion and style.  At Kalon you can find anything from famous brand names to emerging independent designers that embody our standards and vision.  We care about your happiness, so we pay close attention to every detail.

Our fundamental belief is that every woman is unique, and our exclusive designs enable all women to express their individual beauty.  In fact, we are a community built on the idea of uplifting women.  Through the lessons learned by our founder, Kalon is committed to the belief that a woman's outer beauty should be an expression of her inner grace and character in any setting--formal, business, or romantic evening.  Kalon is here for you, here to help you achieve the confidence and poise to reveal the beauty that is uniquely yours.

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