Consignment FAQs

General Buyer Questions:

What is Kalon SF?

We are a consignment platform that is dedicated to empowering women one #dress at a time. We employ a novel pre-approval process for consignment that reduces cost and approval time for a seamless process. We curate each submitted item and uphold a strict quality standard for all our inventory. In addition, Kalon portions out 5% of its proceeds to a local nonprofit each year to continue its vision to empower, enable, and celebrate women.


What is Consignment?

Consignment items have been gently worn (no more than 1-5 times) and range from excellent to brand new condition. We offer this online platform for fashion merchandise because we believe in promoting sustainable fashion and a shared economy to empower women through fashion and beauty. Kalon offers different clothing options to allow for a variety of choices and price points for our customers.


Is there a membership fee to join?

There is no membership fee! All interested buyers can browse and purchase from our site.  


How much does it cost to buy a dress online from Kalon?

Our prices are very competitive – and comes to about 10-15% of the retail price. We make the dress of your dreams affordable while eliminating the need for expensive alterations and multiple trips to a boutique or store. We strive to bring you the most accessible and price-friendly fashion.   


Are all the online dresses new?

All our dresses are either brand new or in near-new condition. Kalon only accepts brand new (with or out without tags), or gently worn items (no more than 5 times) as inventory.  

Our team curates inventory to fit only the 3 tiers outlined below:

Brand New / With original tag

Excellent / New without tags

Very Good / Light wear and tear


What is the condition of the dress when I receive it?

We do our best to ensure your dresses arrive wrinkle-free. If you receive a dress with slight creases, please try steaming the garment on low heat or contact a stylist for advice. Additionally, please read fabric care tags before machine washing, hand washing or dry cleaning. As always, please contact us at for any questions. Our consignment dresses will range from excellent pre-owned condition to brand new, while our dresses from other designers will be brand new.

For handbags, we will ship your item in a generic protective bag, and your item will arrive in brand new condition. For jewelry, we will ship your items in a protective generic jewelry pouch, and they will arrive brand new.


Can you alter a dress for me?

No, we do not make alterations to the dresses as we aim to preserve the dress in its original state.


Where do you source your dresses, jewelry, bags, and items for sale?

Kalon sources gently used or new (with or without tags) items from individuals. We pride ourselves in curating for the highest quality possible by inspecting each item for wear, design, style, designer, and quality. 




Do you ship internationally? At the present moment, we cannot ship to addresses beyond the continental United States. However, Kalon SF is expanding our sales and operations internationally.

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

Unfortunately, we do not ship to P.O. Boxes.

How much does shipping cost?

Free shipping on all orders $100+. However, please refer to our return policy for additional shipping cost exceptions. You may select expedited shipping for an additional cost, by referring to our shipping service tiers, which are provided at checkout.

How do I track my order?

A tracking number will be provided in an email receipt. You can track your order through the shipping carrier’s website by entering your tracking number. You will be receiving email updates as your order is processed, shipped, and delivered.

What are your shipping and delivery options?

Kalon ships all items via either UPS, USPS, and FEDEX carriers, depending on which one results in the lowest cost and fastest speed for buyers. Arrival time is 3-5 business days from the date your order is placed. High-value orders, such as order totaling more than $500 USD requires a signature upon delivery. All orders will be packed in padded and protective packaging.   

Is a signature required for delivery?

We require signatures for delivery of singular or multiple item(s) equal to or more than $500 of purchase value before taxes. 



Ordering & Payment:

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Paypal and Affirm payments.

How secure is your payment system?

Your credit card information is completely secure. Our online payment service is provided by PayPal - the online payment system trusted and used by e-commerce websites all over the world.

Will my information be used for anything else?

Under our privacy policy, Kalon agrees not to use our client's personal information for anything else other than our direct marketing.

How can I make changes to my order?

To make any adjustments to your order please contact us. As long as the order is not ready for shipment, we will make every attempt to change your order.

Can I cancel my purchase?

You can cancel a purchase within 30 minutes of payment. We will refund your purchase in the form of store credit. However, after the 30 minute grace period expires, all buyers will follow the return policy.



What’s your refund policy?

Kalon has a 7-day return policy. Items must be returned in the original condition found, with the original tag in the original position as it was shipped to you. Buyer pays for return shipping, which must include tracking. After you request a return online, you will send us the self-purchased shipping label (with tracking number), and we will mark your return request as “in-progress.” Upon receipt of your item(s), we will review them within 48 hours, and contact you immediately to inform you about whether the return(s) have been accepted. In the case they are not accepted, the items will be returned to you and your credit card on file will be charged for the lowest shipping price that includes tracking and the cost of the item (including sales tax and other applicable charges). Alternatively, you can get store credit for your items. Store credit does not expire.

In the case that the buyer is unable to return the items to the shipping center within 7-days after delivery, a restocking fee of $20 dollars per day for every day that your item is late. If you have not returned the item after 14 days of delivery to the provided address, you will be prohibited from returning the item and your credit card will be charged at 150% of the purchase price of the item.

What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

You can return items in the original condition in which it was sold, with original price tags attached, within 7-days upon delivery of your items to your provided address.

For any additional inquiries, please contact




How does the Kalon consignment process work?

Consignors begin at the How it Works page on Kalon’s website. From there, you will be guided through a step-by-step submission process that asks a series of questions and prompts you to upload photos of your item. After you submit the photos and answer our simple questions, within 24 hours a Consignment Expert will reach out to inform you of the status of your consignment request. If additional photos or information is needed, we will collect them at this time. After your consignment is approved, a prepaid shipping label will be mailed to you. You have up to 7 days to drop off your consignment box at the mail.  


What is your designer and name brand authentication process?

We search for classic luxury designers as well as contemporary brands that are of high quality. Please refer to our website for examples of brands we feature. We are always looking for new fashion trends and brands that fit our Kalon aesthetic. We individually inspect, select, and curate each item.


Does Kalon have stores and locations to consign in person?

Currently, Kalon does not have physical storefronts. Stay tuned for updates on our pop-up shops that will be launching soon in the San Francisco Bay Area.


What does “pre-approved” consignment mean?

Kalon is the first e-commerce site to employ a pre-approval consignment process. You submit a series of photos and answer questions about the item(s) you wish to consign on the “How it Works” page. Once your item(s) are approved, we will then send you a prepaid shipping label via email. Please note: We approve your items for consignment before shipment, not after shipment to our warehouse. This process limits traditional barriers and shipment costs in consignment.


Why should I consign?

Cash in on your closet and make room for new items and seasonal updates. Kalon is unique in our high-quality standards - we only accept new (with or without tags) or gently worn (no more than 5 times) items that are classically designed or seasonally on-trend. Secondly, Kalon utilizes a virtual pre-approval consignment process, where items are selected based on submitted photos and a simple questionnaire. This process minimizes shipment costs and traditional consignment barriers.          


How does the commission structure work?

For a complete outline of our commission structure, please refer our Consignor Agreement Policy.

How much will I earn for consigning my item?

You will earn 50% of the earnings of the consignment. We strive for the highest quality items that align with Kalon’s aesthetic mission, as well as providing consignors with transparent and fair commissions. Each item will be individually inspected, photographed and styled on our models to best showcase your garment. All operating fees, styling costs and in-house listing efforts comes at no additional charge to consignors.

How do you price?

Our goal is to sell your items at the highest price possible within the first 90 days. If it doesn’t sell within that time, our consignment experts will reach out to you to discuss the following options: 1) lower the price of your item, 2) return the item to you, or 3) donate your item to our charity partnerships. Consignors can choose to keep items on Kalon for up to 6 months. Consignors cannot retrieve their items for the first 90 days, regardless if it sells or not. If you wish to request back your items, you can do so after the first 90 days has passed and if the item has not sold. It is up to the discretion of Kalon to establish the final listing price of items, and it is up to Kalon’s discretion to lower the price of an item.

For further details, please refer to our Consignor Agreement Policy.

What if the pictures I submit are not sufficient for Kalon to decide the consignment eligibility of my items?

Our consignment associates will reach out to you to request more pictures and information if your original submission is insufficient.

What are your condition standards?

We accept only brand new, new with tags, new, or items that are gently worn (no more than 5 times) for our Kalon SF store.

What if I do not agree with the pricing of my items?

Kalon uses a combination of market research, machine learning, and the discretion and experience of our consignment experts to accurately and fairly price your item. Because Kalon only accepts brand new or gently worn clothing, we strive to price your items to reflect our high-quality standards.

When and how will I receive the cash I earned through consigning with Kalon?

Once you link your PayPal or personal checking account through the Kalon website, you will receive the cash earned from your sold item(s) after they have been shipped and surpassed beyond the 7-day return time frame for buyers. Before the 7-day return time frame has passed, we cannot guarantee your earnings because customers have a right to return the item damage free and unworn to Kalon with 7-days as per our return policy.   

How do I ship my items to Kalon’s warehouse?

Once you are approved for the virtual pre-approval consignment process, you will be emailed a prepaid shipping label (with tracking number). You will have 7 days to ship the item(s) to Kalon’s warehouse. After that time point, you will be responsible for your own shipping labels. Your items, once pre-approved, will be always pre-approved for consignment and this status will not change unless the items have been worn additional times and/or its condition changes.

How long do I expect to wait before my items sell?

We cannot guarantee your items will sell within a certain timeframe. However, we request that you keep your items for 90 days, after which you can choose to either lower the price of your item, donate the item or have it returned to you if it does not sell. For further details, please refer to “How Do You Price?”

What if I want to get my items back?

You can request to receive your items back after the first 90 days after you send items to consign with Kalon. Consignors will need to respond to contact with Kalon if they wish to request their items back. If consignors fail to respond to contact with Kalon at any time, their return (and other requests) will not be guaranteed, and your items will continue to be listed on Kalon.  

For any additional inquiries, please contact

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