Consignor Policy Agreement


Below are our commission tiers that are based upon the price of each item. You can have a mix of tiers depending on the number and price of each item.  

Commission Tier Price of 1 Item
50% $0 to $499
55% $500 and up


These terms and conditions create a contract between you and Kalon (the "Agreement"). Please read this Agreement carefully. To confirm your understanding and acceptance of the Agreement, click "Agree" or sign the Agreement. You must agree to this Agreement if you wish to consign goods through Kalon.




    Kalon markets and sells luxury designer items, jewelry, and handbags.

    You would like Kalon to sell the items that you have in your inventory or that we have collected from you (collectively, the "Property") on a consignment basis. This means that you, not Kalon, will still own the Property, even after you transfer physical possession of the Property to Kalon. After Kalon receives or picks up Property from you, you will receive an email of notification that Kalon has received your item(s) in the described and agreed upon condition. The accepted items will then be processed and listed as available for sale on the site and, at Kalon’s sole discretion, may also concurrently be displayed and available for purchase at one of our retail store locations.


    The third-party seller is responsible for shipping and handling costs for all their inventory once the purchase is made on Kalon’s platform. This includes shipping and/or dropping off the items of Property to Kalon and return shipping.


      You are responsible for all risk of loss or damage to the Property until Kalon takes physical possession of it; however, if you use Kalon's approved, pre-paid shipping label, Kalon will assume the risk of loss or damage to the Property upon shipment.

      If an item of Property is damaged, stolen, or lost while in Kalon’s possession, Kalon will pay you the full listed price of that item.


      Upon receipt, Kalon will evaluate each item of Property to determine, in its sole discretion, its authenticity, quality, and value. The item’s condition will affect the valuation.

      Kalon only Accepts Property for consignment: (a) that Kalon determines in its sole discretion to be in very good worn no more than 5 times, or new condition and (b) that Kalon determines in its sole discretion to be authentic. Property that does not meet the above requirements will not be accepted and will be either (1) returned to you at your expense or (2) with your approval, confirmed in writing, Kalon will donate your items to a charity of its choice.


        You are responsible for ensuring the authenticity of all Property you provide to us. If Kalon cannot confirm the authenticity of any item of Property you have provided, it shall have the right in its sole discretion to refuse to accept the item. If Kalon determines at any time that an item of Property is counterfeit, Kalon shall notify you that it has made such a determination and you will have an opportunity to provide proof of purchase/other proof of authenticity acceptable to Kalon. You acknowledge and agree that any item Kalon finally determines to be counterfeit will not be returned to you and will be destroyed.

        You acknowledge and understand that Kalon is subject to laws and regulations relating to claims that consigned items are counterfeit, have been stolen, or otherwise violate applicable law. Kalon takes such reports seriously and will cooperate with law enforcement in all investigations.    


          Kalon has a 7-day return policy. Items must be returned in the original condition found, with the original tag in the original position as it was shipped to you. Buyer pays for return shipping, which must include tracking. After you request a return online, you will send us the self-purchased shipping label (with tracking number), and we will mark your return request as “in-progress.” Upon receipt of your item(s), we will review them within 48 hours, and contact you immediately to inform you about whether the return(s) have been accepted. In the case they are not accepted, the items will be returned to you and your credit card on file will be charged for the lowest shipping price that includes tracking and the cost of the item (including sales tax and other applicable charges). Alternatively, you can get store credit for your items. Store credit does not expire.

          In the case that the buyer is unable to return the items to the shipping center within 7-days after delivery, a restocking fee of $20 dollars per day for every day that your item is late. If you have not returned the item after 14 days of delivery to the provided address, you will be prohibited from returning the item and your credit card will be charged at 150% of the purchase price of the item.


            So long as you comply with this Agreement, Kalon will display on the Site and, at Kalon’s sole discretion display and make available for sale at one of our one-time events, and will make commercially reasonable efforts to sell the Property. You acknowledge and agree that:

            (a) Kalon in its sole discretion will determine the initial selling price for each item of Property (the "Initial Sale Price") based on its evaluation of that item, together with its determination of the current market price for that item;

            (b) In order to market and promote the sale of each item, Kalon may in its sole discretion apply an immediate discount to the item amounting to a percentage discount of the original selling price of the item, which will affect the item’s Initial Sale Price, unless Kalon and you have otherwise agreed in writing to a specific price at which a specific item must be sold.

            (c) Kalon may offer additional discounts and promotions during the Consignment Period, at its sole discretion and without notice to you, as a means to efficiently market and sell the Property unless Kalon and you have otherwise agreed in writing to a specific price at which a specific item must be sold.

            (d) Regardless of the discounts, promotions, coupons applied and the resultant final price of each item, you, the Independent Third Party Seller, agree that the profit ratio split remains the same to the originally agreed upon percentages. The Third Party Seller agrees that they will not be reimbursed for differences between initial agreed upon selling prices and coupons, discounts or promotions applied to the item.


              Kalon will pay out commissions and previously agreed upon profit split ratio within 14 days from the time that a purchase was made of your item through any of Kalon’s selling channels (ie: online, mobile, at independent live events).

              Payment will be distributed to third-party sellers via any of the following methods (as agreed upon by Seller and Kalon ahead of time and based on Seller preference): (1) all major credit cards (2) Paypal or (3) Cashier’s Cheque. Please be aware that it may take additional days to process the payment and for the payment to show up on the recipient’s bank statement and/or transaction history. 


              If you have any questions or comments about this Agreement, the Site or Kalon’s services or wish to terminate this Agreement, please contact Kalon by email at

              Kalon shall provide all notices to you at the email address or physical address that you have provided to Kalon. You are solely responsible for keeping that information current with Kalon. You hereby agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications that Kalon provides electronically to you satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

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