Why Vintage & Consignment is Trending

Posted on July 30 2019

Why Vintage & Consignment is Trending


Full of high-end luxury items and vintage gems, the possibilities of what you’ll find at a consignment shop are endless. Consignment shops allow accessibility to high-end luxury brands and pieces without having to earn an extraordinary income- but that’s only part of the beauty when it comes to consignment shops. Consignment shops also promote a much healthier alternative to throwing clothing away. Instead of ending up in a landfill and polluting the earth, they give vintage and unwanted items a second life. Remember what they say: “One woman's trash is another woman's treasure.”


As of now, fashion is the second-largest polluter in the world, with the oil industry taking first place! As the fashion industry constantly feeds us new trends and styles, the majority of us just want to keep up! Fast fashion allows us to wear the latest trends while on a budget, but at a high price: polluting our planet in the process.


To be sold cheaply, items have to be produced cheaply. Fast fashion is usually produced in third world countries without strict environmental regulations for factories. Toxic chemicals and dyes harm our water, aquatic life, our health, and our Earth. Synthetic fibers used to make these clothes (ex. polyester, spandex, nylon) can take anywhere from 20-200 years to decompose, causing major pollution! 


“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness.” 

- Mahatma Gandhi



Katie Lam, the founder of Kalon SF, realized the importance of sustainability after competing in the Miss Asian Global Beauty Pageant. Once the competition was over, Katie found herself with multiple gorgeous dresses from her year of serving the community when she won Miss Asian California 2017, among other titles. These dresses made her feel empowered and confident yet she knew she wouldn’t wear them again, especially after they were photographed and posted on her social media. 


Katie wore each dress only one time and let many of her pageant sisters borrow her dresses for second or third time uses but still, the cost per wear made her wonder whether this was something other women experienced too. Turns out, due to the allure and pressure of following trends and buying fast fashion, storing clothing in the back of the closet after a one time wear is a real thing! This inspired Katie to create a business around this concept in hopes to not only empower women with confidence when wearing a statement gown (as she had experienced), but to solve the problem of wearing a dress more than one time and doing her part in the sustainability movement. 


Kalon SF is a consignment platform dedicated to empowering women one dress at a time. With our merchandise ranging from workwear and formal wear to high-end handbags and accessories, that stylish sophisticated woman can not only buy and sell but can confidently express their unique beauty by wearing our curated designs. Consigning means giving custody of material or good to someone else, while still possessing ownership over the item until it has sold. The owner of the item is the consignor and the person selling the item is the consignee. After accepting the item(s), the business or consignee agrees to pay the consigner a percentage of the profit when and if the items sell. Consignment items are for the most part used and therefore sold at a lower price. Consignment exists in many second-hand shops or on its own such as Kalon SF, which is an online store at the moment. Kalon SF specializes in the consignment of day-to-night affordable luxury pieces. 


But Kalon SF is more than just a consignment platform, it is also a community dedicated to empowering women through their personal and entrepreneur journeys. To further our mission, Kalon SF has also partnered with Dress for Success. For every dress sold on our website, we donate  5% of our proceeds back to this organization to help women achieve economic success too! Women deserve to feel beautiful, inside and out and be empowered in all ways.



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