The Evolution of Consignment

Posted on November 06 2019

The Evolution of Consignment


Remember when you had to go to a store whenever you wanted to buy something? Aka get up off your comfy couch, leave home and actually… drive somewhere? It is a feeling more and more foreign to us too. 


Back before online shopping existed, brick and mortar shops were the only way to shop. Technology has not only introduced online retailers and consignment shops such as TheRealReal but social media has also become a popular shopping platform. Consignment shops have come a long way; let’s take a look at the evolution of consignment. 


The beginning of thrift stores can be traced all the way back to the industrial revolution in the late 19th century. As urban populations grew, mass-production of clothing was introduced and it suddenly became affordable to buy new clothes. For the first time ever, clothing began to be thought of as disposable. Christian ministries such as Goodwill and Salvation Army began to appear during this time to find other uses for what was being thrown away. The terminology and mentality shifted from “junk shops” to “thrift shops” in the 1920s as they became more acceptable. By the 1930s there were almost 100 Goodwill stores nationwide! The Great Depression and World War II slowed sales as people couldn't afford to buy new clothing but picked up again afterwards. As people began to trade in their old dark colored clothing for bright colored clothing made with newly-developed synthetic fibers-- business boomed! Consignment shops began to appear in the 1950s for the wealthier customers who coveted vintage clothes. Now, consignment is synonymous with the stylish yet financially savvy fashionista instead of relegated solely to the designation of “thrifty.” 



Unearthing a designer piece at an affordable price is a thrill that never gets old!! Our all time favorite veteran consignment stores still stand as brick and mortar stores today such as Crossroads Trading, Labels, and Wasteland. With several locations, it's impossible to have an E-Commerce site as well. The Real Real and ThredUp are consignment shops that only exist online. These websites list all of their merchandise delivered from all over the country on their website. With the popularity of social media, Instagram has also become a consignment platform. There are hundreds of accounts dedicated to anything from trendy vintage finds to luxury designer items. We love finding a beautiful designer bag for half the retail price just as much as the next girl, but what about beautiful formal gowns or work attire, where are those? That’s where we come in. 



Kalon SF is an online consignment platform that offers work and formal clothing. We are dedicated to providing affordable clothing to professional women while helping our environment through recycled purchases. With the lack of second-hand sophisticated attire, Kalon SF is proud to have created a unique platform to fill in the missing gap in the industry. Support and join us on our journey! 



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